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These are a few of my favorite photographs from my Malone and associated families. Feel free to browse them as you like. If you want one click your right mouse button and choose "Save As" from the menu.

The Oldest Actual Malone Photo- Anderson Malone
Anderson Malone with wife, Liza Hembree (standing), Son Charlie Elmer and sister-in-law, Angeline.

Rebecca Anderson-Childress
Daughter of Jacob C. Anderson of Scott Co., Tn.
Wife of James Lindsey Childress. Born, July 9, 1855 in Whitley Co., Ky.
Headstone of Arthur Lindsay Childress
It is located in the Ryan Cemetery off Gumfork Road in Scott Co., Tn. (1827-1906)
Copy of Arthur Lindsey Childress's Civil War Unit Flag
1861 - 2nd Tn. Reg't info
The 2nd Tn. was a Civil War (Union) volunteer infantry regiment formed August 20, 1861, at Camp Dick Robinson, Ky. Nearly all of the men were from East Tn. Col. James P. T. Carter was in command. The regiment was at Wildcat, Mill Springs and Stones River, but saw little action. In fall 1862 it was at Cumberland Gap.

The regiment was converted to a mounted infantry June 1863, and was one of the regiments in pursuit of Confederate raider John Hunt Morgan through Ky, Ind, and Ohio in July 1863. Returning to Tn., the unit helped recapture Cumberland Gap and was heavily engaged at the Battle of Blue Springs on Oct. 10, 1863.

On Nov. 6, 1863, 2/3 of the regiment was captured at the Battle of Rogersville in Hawkins Co., Tn. About 2/3 of those captured died at either Belle Isle or Andersonville prison camps. What remained of the regiment after Rogersville was assigned to duty around Knoxville and Cumberland Gap until it was formaly mustered out Aug. 3, 1865.

It was an ill-fated regiment, losing 2/3 of its men in the fight at Rogersville, and of those that got sent to prison only about 1/3 lived to tell about it.

Childers, Arthur L., Pvt. in Co. G, 2nd Tn. Inf. Regt. (USA), was 30 years old at the time he entered the Union Army Oct. 25, 1861. He served until Apr. 18, 1865 and was honorably discharged. He was transferred into Co. G (predominately Scott Co., TN boys) from Co. A of the 1st Tn. Volunteers Oct. 25, 1861. He was a company wagoner. He is listed as being a desserter Aug. 10, 1862, but returned to duty Apr. 21, 1863, to be restored to old job with a loss of pay and allowances and held to make good the time gone. He was captured at the Battle of Rogersville (TN) and was made a prisoner of war at Belle Island (near Richmond, VA). It was not immediately known whether he escaped from prison or was paroled, the latter being unlikely since the Union and Confederate forces were not exchanging prisoners at that particular time.
Notes from Joel Logsdon:

Charlie Elmer Malone and Mary Jane Childress
Charlie (1884-1957)
Mary Jane (1883-1856)
Buried at Lower Powers Cemetery, Whitley Co., KY.
Kathlene Malone-Croley and daughter Elsie Malone
Kathlene (1919-1999)
Elsie (1939-1999)
Virgil Malone and family
Son of Anderson Malone and Liza Hembree.
Wife-Verlie Mae Holloway.
More Pictures of this family, on David Malone Page!
Patrick Shane Malone
Son of Max Malone and Betty Honaker
James Glendon Malone
Son of Raymond Charles Malone and Versa Mae Walls.
List of Casualties for Kentucky
James Glendon Pfc. USMCR
Mother, Mrs. Versa Moore, Lenarue, Ky
Killed in World War ll.
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