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This page is dedicated to my good buddy, David Malone.
I have only known David for little over a year now. I find David a great source of entertainment...lol. David! this page is for you!

A young David!
Doesn't he look like Johnny Cash? :)
David's Mom
Verlie Holloway-Malone
David and first wife.
David, she's cute....what's her name? :O
David and Virgil
Here is David and his father Luther Virgil Malone. Son of Anderson Malone and Liza Hembree.
His first OTR truck
You sure were a brave soul, driving around with acid behind you! lol
Cumberland Mt. Boys
David and brother Charles. Told ya he looked like Johnny Cash, he even has his guitar to prove it!
Worley, Ky.
Place where David grew up....Worley, Ky. From the west.

I hope I did you justice, David!